What’s New?

Revision History

4 December 2006

Cursorily tested Netscape 8.1.2.

Replaced results for Mozilla with its successor SeaMonkey.

Made a couple minor corrections here and there.

25 November 2006

Tested Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 2.0, Opera 9.02.

Internet Explorer 7.0 has a new interface with tabs and a search bar like Firefox and Opera, many CSS compliance bugfixes, and a couple improvements in HTML compliance:

  • finally supports <abbr>
  • fixed bug rendering all nested <object>s
  • supports label attribute of <option>
  • now supports obsolete text/ecmascript content type (but still neither application/javascript nor application/ecmascript)

Alas, it remains the only major browser with no support for <q>. For years to come, HTML instructors will continue to tell students, Don’t use <q> because Internet Explorer doesn’t support it.

6 March 2006

Tested Firefox 1.5, Netscape 8.1, Opera 9.00 Preview 2.

30 November 2005

Tested Firefox 1.5, Netscape 8.0.4, and Opera 8.51

Firefox 1.5 has a couple improvements in HTML support:

  • accesskey on <legend>
  • new JavaScript content types
  • nested quotation marks

24 September 2005

Cursorily tested bug fix releases Firefox 1.0.7, Mozilla 1.7.12, and Opera 8.50 (now freeware!). Standards support same as prior versions.

2 August 2005

Cursorily tested bug fix releases Firefox 1.0.6, Mozilla 1.7.11, and Opera 8.02. Standards support same as prior versions.

IEblog says that, although Internet Explorer 7.0 beta 1 has little improvement in standards support, much-needed HTML and CSS bug fixes are coming in 7.0 beta 2. MSDN subscribers who’d like to alpha test 7.0 can download 7.0 beta 1, but I refuse to pay $200 for the privilege.

13 July 2005

Tested Firefox 1.0.5 and Netscape 8.0.2.

5 July 2005

On 27 June 2005, the IETF has at last registered JavaScript content types, application/javascript and application/ecmascript content types. Update scripting test accordingly.

22 June 2005

A site-wide change caused navigation bar arrows to come out in an incorrect character set. Thanks for notifying me, Nisse Engstrom.

Tested Firefox 1.0.4, Mozilla 1.7.8, and Opera 8.01.

19 April 2005

Tested Firefox 1.0.3, Mozilla 1.7.7, and Opera 8.0.

29 March 2005

Tested Firefox 1.0.2, Mozilla 1.7.6, and Opera 8.0 beta 3.

28 February 2005

Tested Firefox 1.0.1.

15 January 2005

Note that the use of bidirectional override characters are strongly discouraged in HTML.

Change a hard hyphen to a non-breaking hyphen in soft hyphen test.

10 January 2005

Corrected results, docking Mozilla and family two half points for its inconsistent handling of accesskey.

Fluffy convinced me to forsake no-http.org’s Class X7.45, since unschemed URLs become file:// URLs when pages are saved and viewed locally.

Over past weeks, made various changes to semantic markup for navigation bar and gave style sheets a makeover. Many changes to my XML database and XSLT stylesheet, used to generate the results table.

26 December 2004

Add details to footnotes about Web addresses in Properties dialogs of Mozilla and derivatives. Doctor Unclear pointed out that they are clickable in early versions and not in later ones.

24 December 2004

Added missing row in results for accesskey attribute of <textarea>.

Tested Opera 8.00b1.

17 December 2004

Now generating results table from an XML database.

Dropped Lynx from results table.

Changed stylesheet to put test source code in scrolling boxes in capable Web browsers.

15 December 2004

Replaced Bugzilla bug numbers with aliases whenever possible. Added aliases to several Bugzilla bugs to make it possible.

Corrected giving Internet Explorer too much credit for longdesc support in a results table footnote, pointed out by Doctor Unclear.

13 December 2004

Decorated results table and bug report links with browser icon graphics.

List a few Konqueror bug reports that linked to this suite.

Tested iCab 2.9.8.

3 December 2004

Replaced dynamically generated entity test page with two static pages, one of XHTML entities, one of XHTML and MathML entities.

Tested Firefox 1.0.

3 November 2004

Corrected comment about MathML zero-width space entity.

Tested Mozilla 1.7.3, Opera 7.60 preview 2, and Firefox 1.0 PR 1.

19 September 2004

Remove test of readonly on checkboxes and radio buttons, and update comment about readonly, in light of clarification in Web Forms 2.0 working draft.

27 August 2004

Replace criticism of tabindex and accesskey with notes about nextfocus, prevfocus, and access in XHTML 2.0.

Add XHTML 2.0 notes about <summary> and the elimination of rules and frame.

Tested Netscape 7.20.

7 August 2004

Tested Opera 7.54.

6 August 2004

Tested Firefox 0.9.3 and Mozilla 1.7.2.

28 July 2004

Change links to the previous XHTML 2.0 working draft to links to the new 22 July draft.

12 July 2004

Tested Mozilla 1.7.1, Firefox 0.9.2, and Opera 7.52.

18 June 2004

Added column to results for Firefox.

Tested Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 0.9, and Opera 7.51.

Update note about a newly fixed Mozilla bug.

13 May 2004

Tested Opera 7.50.

9 April 2004

Use hard hyphens in hyphenated words.

2 April 2004

Added Ogg Vorbis audio to the multimedia tests.

Added Matroska and Windows Media Player videos to the multimedia tests. Add parameters to set them not to autoplay.

Adjusted size of QuickTime object to leave room for its controls.

Defined kibibyte and mebibyte in the glossary.

Added note about plans to replace codebase attribute with xml:base.

1 April 2004

Minor rewrites to simplify and clarify.

The browser identification script at the bottom of each page shows a couple more JavaScript variables.

Inspired by a Web Standards Project buzz about no-http.org, removed superfluous http: protocol identifiers.

14 March 2004

Linked to another character entity test I read about on saila.com. Grouped character entity tests in Links.

12 March 2004

Tested Opera 7.50 Preview 3. No changes in results.

Move soft hyphen test into Special Characters.

Test <ins> and <del> at both inline and block levels, revealing a bug in Mozilla. Split cite and datetime into separate tests.

Test <abbr> and <acronym> both with and without title attributes.

8 March 2004

Redid mark up of example code throughout, to make it easier to read. Made a few minor changes in the process.

Updated paragraph on hyphen test page that said almost all browsers treat them as hard hyphens. Happily, this is no longer true.

Replace simple style sheet selector tests with less boring ones.

4 March 2004

Added test for scope, headers, abbr, and axis attributes.

Explicitly test for relative column widths.

Renamed Identifiers to Common Attributes and added simple test for id and class as style sheet selectors.

Update front page notes to users of certain Web browsers about bugs affecting this site.

Rearrangements and minor corrections to the results table.

19 February 2004

Tested Opera 7.50 Preview 2 and iCab 2.9.7.

Added missing results line for tabindex attribute on <select>.

Tag the notes about proposed XHTML 2.0 changes with an XHTML 2.0: lead‐in.

Add Designing With Web Standards to the Links page.

9 February 2004

Added glossary entries defining CSS, DOM, HTTP, and style sheet.

8 February 2004

Tested Opera 7.50 Preview 1. Character entities have been fixed!

Added formal test for span attribute and styles on columns and column groups.

Added note about styles that may be applied to columns and column groups.

Added note about deferring scripts that insert content within a particular element.

Stopped using <q> for quotation marks that do not mark quotations.

5 February 2004

Thanks to Jukka Korpela for his donation to support this test suite.

20 January 2004

Tested Mozilla 1.6. No changes in results.

Updated an id test, which linked to something that had moved to a separate page.

8 January 2004

Correct missing attribute in frames test page reported by Doctor Unclear.

7 January 2004

Tested Mozilla 1.5 and Opera 7.23. No change in results.

17 October 2003

Tested Opera 7.21. Still fails to render almost all named entities in the Characters test. However, they did fix the improper handling of &amp;.

25 September 2003

Tested Opera 7.20. A page‐wrecking bug with named entities sadly overshadows improvements in text direction and hyphenation.

30 July 2003

Added a note on the forms test page about the DOM level 2 standard’s misstatement that readonly is relevant only to text or password <input> elements.

Correction: Internet Explorer 6.0 does not support longdesc on <img>. Thanks, Doctor Unclear.

15 July 2003

Tested Mozilla 1.4 and Netscape 7.10.

26 June 2003

Doctor Unclear pointed out that I did not test for accesskey on <legend>. Corrected this oversight.

Added footnote to results about minor bug with Opera and accesskey.

Converted results page to XHTML.

Set accesskey on navigation links at the top of each page. 1 for First, P for Previous, N for Next.

22 June 2003

Microsoft has removed the download of Arial Unicode MS from their Web site, so remove the link to it from the Entities page. Add a link for Bitstream Cyberbit.

19 June 2003

Add row for accesskey on <a> to the results.

Correction: Opera 7.0 does support accesskey, however inconveniently. To invoke an access key in Opera, first type Shift‐Esc.

18 June 2003

Rewrote the table of contents to use unordered lists instead of definition lists.

Converted revision history to XHTML for easy screen scraping, so that I may automate the Latest Updates in the future.

Changed the style sheet to use subtle and unobtrusive link underlines.

Designed a nice icon for the suite.

16 June 2003

Use data: URIs instead of TIFF images to test <object> fall‐through. Dave Baron used this technique to simplify one of my object tests into a test case on Bugzilla. Thanks for the idea!

Found the browser tests of Pete’s Guide today. Pete sets out to test the extreme cases of following the latest HTML and XHTML standards to the letter and some of the important but seldom implemented features introduced in HTML 4.0 and CSS-2. Seems like a guy after my own heart. Added his suite to the Links.

Rewrote my Links page not to abuse the <dl> element for something that’s not a definition list. Removed a couple dead links and updated a couple changed ones.

14 June 2003

Bloo’s index DOT Html has undergone a massive update. Updating the blurb in my Links accordingly.

Change image formats in the image map test, removing the last remaining GIF image from this suite. Add number of an associated Mozilla bug report I just filed.

11 June 2003

Change JavaScript scripts in Scripts test to use the DOM.

10 June 2003

Move the lengthy results table with all its footnotes to a separate page.

Added a revision history page.

9 June 2003

In response to more constructive suggestions by Doctor Unclear:

  • Added a footnote explaining how Mozilla supports hreflang.
  • Correction: Internet Explorer’s support of standby is only partial.
  • Link to a Mozilla bug report about accesskey I had missed, though the feature works for me.

6 June 2003

Tested iCab Pre2.91.

3 June 2003

Reduce the amount of text in the results table with typographic conventions. Added a couple more footnotes. Moved the internal column headers into the section headers.

Coded a score calculation in the results table, using a scoring method suggested by Doctor Unclear, but adding a level between graceful degredation and breaking pages.

To avoid confusion between MIME media types and the media types of style sheets, change all references to “media types” to “content types”.

Reword description of image maps.

Add some more links to the standard in the Objects test.

Revise some glossary definitions and add new ones for MIME, content type, and image map.

30 May 2003

Renamed Revisions to Edits and added an example.

Added a couple more languages to the Quotes test.

Extend ligature test in Special Characters to cover the five main f‐ligatures.

Updated links to elements and attributes in the standard.

Replaced the Web standards buttons in the footer with slimmer ones based on the ones at Antipixel.

21 May 2003

Renamed the White Space test to the Special Characters test and added tests for zero‐width joiners (&zwj;) in Devanagari, and in English text to form ff/fi/fl ligatures.

18 May 2003

Added internal column headers to the long results table, as suggested by Chris Goldie and Doctor Unclear.

16 May 2003

Tested Opera 7.11, Netscape 7.02, and Netscape 4.80. No changes in test results.

Added headers, clarified some body text, and reordered a couple tests.

Added notes to <bdo>, <q>, and <ins> and <del>, mentioning that they are being considered for removal in XHTML 2.0.

Use sniffing and styling to try to make the column for the reader’s browser stand out more in the results table.

9 May 2003

Tested Opera 7.10, which improved table support, but lost support for a couple character entities.

Tested Mozilla 1.3.1. No changes in test results.

Added a note about a Mozilla bug that causes body text to overlap the menu and color key.

Change the image format of the fancy horizontal divider in the Objects test so most browsers need not turn off images to use it.

Rewrite explanatory text in the Objects and Quotes tests.

Add Mark Pilgrim’s weblog to the links page, since his mention of my site there brought me so many hits.

27 February 2003

Tested Opera 7.02. No changes in test results.

Minor changes to buttons in form test. Include a button with an ampersand to check for Windows underlined‐letter bug.

7 February 2003

Added style inheritance tests for <colgroup> and <q>. Correct results for <colgroup> and <col>.

Added link to Alan Wood’s Unicode Resources.

Use background color to make spaces visible in the Character test.

6 February 2003

Added a codebase test to the Objects test page. Moved the audio and video tests onto separate pages so that they can be easily skipped.

3 February 2003

Added MathML single character entities, using Unicode 3.2 mappings, to the character entity test. Updated Unicode links and made some other improvements, too.

Tested Opera 7.0. It adds support for image maps, form labels, and option groups, but removes or degrades support for text direction and white space characters.

Correction: Opera 6.0 degraded support for read‐only form controls from full to partial.

I’ve begun using a new notation in the results table for support that worsens in later versions.

Tested Netscape 7.01. Support for table rules and form labels has improved to Mozilla’s level.

Tested Mozilla 1.2.1. No changes in test results.

18 October 2002

Thanks to Robert Brooks for his donation to support this test suite.

20 September 2002

Added space entities to the white space tests.

7 July 2002

Added some comments to the scripting tests.

1 July 2002

Add a link to Yucca’s article on the messy history of the soft hyphen to the hyphenation test page.

28 June 2002

Describe defer attribute more precisely.

22 June 2002

Explain directional text a little.

Add test for table directionality to the text direction page.

19 June 2002

Thanks to Sarah Harrison for her donation to support this test suite.

25 May 2002

Tested Opera 6.02.

Corrected VBScript tests to match displayed examples.

Put all forms tests in fieldsets.

Minor rewrite of various footnotes.

Added a couple terms to the glossary.

9 May 2002

Add a few links to the Links page.

12 March 2002

Tested Mozilla 0.9.9.

21 February 2002

Tested Opera 6.01 and Netscape 6.2.1.

5 February 2002

Tested Mozilla 0.9.8.

4 February 2002

Tested Mozilla 0.9.7 and Opera 6.0. Add MauveCloud’s Browser Tests to links page.

22 November 2001

Tested Mozilla 0.9.6 and Opera 6.0 beta 1.

12 November 2001

Made corrections to bidirectionality tests, added test for Unicode bidi override characters.

9 September 2001

Rewrite browser identification JavaScript to use the DOM.

Update script types in script test.

8 September 2001

Correction: iCab supports all HTML 4.0 entities if operating system and font support is available. (But not available on my test platform, MacOS 7.5.5 using Basilisk II, an open source 68000 emulator.)

Revise and expand forms tests.

7 September 2001

Layout changes. Redesign navigation bar. Reorder tests alphabetically. Break out of frame when using links on frame test page.

Replaced hyphenation test sentence.

Created a new test image for image mapping.

Correction: iCab supports longdesc.

6 September 2001

Rewrote introduction. Moved links to separate page. Added a glossary. Correct a few places where “tag” was misused to mean “element” Pedantically replaced “browser” and “web browser” with “Web browser”.

31 August 2001

Add a long neglected color key to results table, and make table useful without color.

Rewrote the examples on the <object> page to make them clearer and evangelize <object>’s advantages over <img> a little.

29 August 2001

Moved id test to subpage.

Minor changes to visual appearance.

Correction: Internet Explorer 6.0 now makes available the longdesc attribute on <img> (but not on frames) and partially supports <optgroup>.

28 August 2001

Tested Internet Explorer 6.0. HTML rendering bugs still unfixed.

9 August 2001

Updated and elaborated some footnotes on the result table.

8 August 2001

Tested Netscape 6.1 and iCab Pre2.5.3.

3 August 2001

Tested Mozilla 0.9.3.

27 July 2001

Cleaned up validation errors that could appear in the entities table under certain conditions.

30 June 2001

Tested Mozilla 0.9.2.

29 June 2001

Elaborated the <object> test for images somewhat. Tested iCab Pre1.25 and Pre2.0.

28 June 2001

Tested Opera 5.12, Mozilla 0.6–0.9.1, Netscape 6.0.1, and iCab Pre2.51.

20 April 2001

Tested Opera 5.11.

11 April 2001

Tested Opera 5.10. Added a link for PayPal donations.

23 March 2001

Nick Lamb pointed out that I had the descriptions of frame="hsides" and frame="vsides" reversed on the tables page. Corrected.

26 February 2001

Noted on the tables page that I know of no Web browser that supports scrolling bodies or printing headers on each page. Reworded my criticism of the standard for using unregistered MIME types. Added a link to my simple XHTML content type test page.

23 February 2001

Add an example quote about quotation marks to the quotes test page.

11 February 2001

Add tests for each value of rules and frame. Add footnotes to results table about Internet Explorer’s and iCab’s handling of these attributes.

6 February 2001

Added some navigation links.

25 January 2001

Noticed that Opera 5.01 wasn’t handling the checked attribute, so I sprinkled a few checked and selected attributes in my forms test.

17 January 2001

Tested Opera 5.02 and iCab Pre2.3. Add test for defer attribute. Add several untested features to results table, to illustrate which features I haven’t tested and to nag at me until I add them.

25 December 2000

Convert all element names to lowercase, since the present generation requires lowercase tag names.

18 December 2000

Brought back my character entity chart with both HTML and SGML entities, and now with images. Changed stylesheet to color models differently from sample code. Changed quotation examples. Cleaned up markup of abbreviations. Add hyperlinks to the HTML standard for names of frame tags test.

17 December 2000

Test with Opera 5.01. Rewrite scripting test to add more MIME types, which reveal that VBScript scripts crash Opera. Let the server generate the menu and the previous/next links to make it easier to add more test pages later.

6 December 2000

Tested Opera 5.0, which fixes a couple bugs in 4.0’s support.

27 November 2000

Expanded text direction tests and moved to a separate page. Split the inline text element tests into seperate pages.

19 November 2000

Broke up combined forms example into smaller examples focusing on particular features. Add tests for readonly and disabled on <textarea>, <select>, <optgroup>, and <option> elements. Add tests for tabindex on <textarea>, <select>, and <button> elements.

17 November 2000

Tested iCab Pre2.2. Added datetime and cite attributes to test for <ins>/<del> elements. Added cite attribute to test for <q> element (not just <blockquote>). Small correction to sample table in tables test. Test disabled/readonly attributes on checkboxes and radio buttons as well as text input fields. Add very simple test for <iframe> element to frames test. Added prev/next <link> elements to each test page.

14 November 2000

Tested Netscape 6.0 final release.

10 November 2000

Update scripting examples to detect JavaScript 1.3.

6 November 2000

Correction: Opera 4.0 supports <iframe>. Also correct a typo in the results table.

13 October 2000

Tested Netscape 6.0 PR3. Rewrite text explaining zero‐width spaces and <noscript>.

1 October 2000

Tested Netscape 6.0 PR2.

11 August 2000

Added tests for scripting elements.

6 August 2000

Tested Opera 4.02. No changes in the results.

29 July 2000

Remove some links to dead sites, update some stale URLs.

15 July 2000

Tested Internet Explorer 5.5 (for Windows) and Opera 4.01. Opera seems to have fixed some bugs with the <object> element. Added a footnote about Opera’s <ins>/<del> bug and another footnote about Netscape’s label bug. Added some editorializing to footnote about Internet Explorer’s support of <acronym> but not <abbr>. Reformatted results table and renumber footnotes sequentially.

14 July 2000

Noticed a jump in Mozilla support, so I reTested nightly build 20000713.

4 July 2000

Moved tests into separate pages. Rewrote introduction to describe HTML 4.0 as a “previous generation” standard. Added test for character alignment in tables. Added a very basic frames test. Tested Mozilla M16.

29 June 2000

Tested final release of Opera 4.0.

10 June 2000

Opera 4.0 beta 5 supports HTML 4.0 the same as beta 4. Highlight the HTML 4.0 elements and attributes in my examples. Redesign zero‐width space, form, and entity tests. Remove many optional tags to make my page more cruel.

3 June 2000

Having obtained many older Web browser versions to play with, I’ve refined version information in the results table. Added row in results table for the &trade; entity, since some people would like to know what Web browsers support it.