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HTML 4.0 Conformance Test

Test your browser's HTML 4.0 support
(updated 4 December 2006)


Chronology of Quendor

Comprehensive timeline of the Zork series
(updated 10 January 2005)

D'ni Color Symbols

Analysis of color symbology in Riven
(updated 11 September 2004)

Genre and the Video Game by Mark J.P. Wolf

Genre grouping of video games

Robin's Chron X Files

Deck files for sorting your card collection, sounds, and card art


The Diebold Memos

Electronic voting machines in 37 states facilitate election fraud

Amway: The Untold Story by Sidney Schwartz

What your soap distributor won't tell you
(updated 14 October 2002)

The Story of CPHack

Mattel sues to suppress Cyber Patrol blacklist decryption
(updated 4 May 2004)


Unscramble DVDs to play on PCs

Who is Xenu?

What every preclear should know

Todd Goldman: Art Thief? by Mike Tyndall

Pictures presumed plagiarized from previous products



Robin's rarely recorded ruminations


My personal profile


My précis for professional purposes