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Steal Robin's Buttons

These buttons are based on Antipixel's buttons. I prefer them, since W3C HTML Validator buttons are less attractive and some have transparency problems. This style has become popular among Web design weblogs and now there are oodles of the silly things.

I had to tightly squeeze letters together in my XHTML Basic buttons, so I tried expanding them into 88 pixel wide buttons (the same width as W3C HTML Validator buttons). However, I decided not to use them.

Optimizing compressed PNG images keeps them very small. Some prefer styled text instead of images, because text is scalable.

Feel free to use them on your own sites without attribution.

80×15 88×15
299 bytes 300 bytes
320 bytes 322 bytes
321 bytes 323 bytes
342 bytes 348 bytes
321 bytes 322 bytes
331 bytes 331 bytes
334 bytes 333 bytes
613 bytes 619 bytes
345 bytes 346 bytes
640 bytes 641 bytes
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