Robin's Chron X Files

Deck Files

I use these deck files to filter cards in Chron X's deck editor.

They include all eight card sets to date, from First Edition to Corruption.

Guide Set

A complete set of every card you can purchase, sufficient to make any deck with. Useful for selecting all your cards leaving only the spares, which you can leave in your storage box for trading.

Consists of one of each Headquarters and each turn-one-only TopDeck intervention, eight of each common base, four of everything else.


Like Guide Set, but hypercomplete, including Promotional, Special Edition, and Preview cards (even cards not available to the public like Blue Sky Red Design HQ). Also, 30 of each common base, enough for every city in World and four more.

Set Wars: Overture/Whiteout/Reboot

Playable cards for January 2005's Pro Tour format, Set Wars: Overture/Whiteout/Reboot.

Overture, Whiteout, and Reboot and all common bases are allowed. Generators of cards from other sets are banned.

Midnight Madness

Playable cards for the Uncommon/Common-only Midnight Madness tournaments, which used to run every Friday at midnight.

Consists of Midnight Madness HQ and all Uncommon and Common cards, except for Yakusa assets (because they cannot be played without a Rare, Yakusa Contract).


Valid cards in Mudshark games.

Mudshark games are games played with your entire collection, with a few exceptions. Observe the 4 maximum of any card (besides common bases). Remove HQs (unless clones of default HQ) and any card with Option or TopDeck except Build Site. This makes unplayable Hive Command Outpost (which requires Hive HQ) and Yakusa assets (which require Yakusa Contract), so remove those too.

To make a Mudshark deck easily, put your entire collection in one big pile, right click and choose Select from File..., then select this deck file.


Verda Steleto’s Shopping List

A Python script to compare a target deck file to a collection deck file, and list what cards your collection lacks to make that target (in deck file format). You can use it to list what you need to complete a guide set.


To play sounds in Chron X, go into Windows’s Control Panel and select the Sounds controls. If Chron X is installed, your program events list will have Chron X events, such as You have been challenged or You are under attack. You can set these events to play any sound files you like.

Chron X Sounds

A ZIP archive of sounds I like to use in Chron X.

Card Art

For winning the 2005 Chron X Grand Championships, I won a Very Rare card in Corruption named Verda Steleto, Champion (after my user name) with my likeness! Plus a $30 box of Corruption cards.

Verda’s special ability, useable only once, is tap and spend 3 cyber to draw a named Promotional or Very Rare card from your deck, announced to all players. (Karl Thompson, Channel Zero News, announces that ___ has been seized in a daring midnight raid!)

I e-mailed a few reference photos of different expressions. The card artist, Mike Dreher, liked my evil grin best.

He had an idea to superimpose my haunting face over a crate containing an A22BB mech, which was featured on a promotional card, Big Brothers, drawn by my favorite card artist, B.J. Johnson. That sounded good to me until he sent me this draft, which I hated. (However, I’d love an image of those eyes on a white background, as a Nagelesque forum avatar.)

I thought an action scene of one of those midnight raids would be better, and sent a cartoony sketch to try to persuade him to go another direction.

Or how about introducing an element of suspense?

After bugging him for days, Mike Dreher wrote saying he appreciated my interest I’ve taken in the direction of the art, and showed me a sketch he’d be completing my card’s art from. My card finally came out like this.