Frames (§16)

This whole page is one large frame. If you disable frames in your Web browser, you should see the contents of the <frameset> element’s <noframes> element.

i‐Bench’s frame tests can do a more thorough check of your Web browser’s support for frames, including floating frames.

XHTML 1.1: The W3C phased out frames in XHTML 1.1. Frames are destined to be replaced by more powerful markup like XLink.

Jakob Neilsen has written about why frames are fundamentally flawed and their use should be avoided.

Inline frames (§16.5)

The <iframe> element generates inline frames, like a simplified <object> element.


<iframe src="test.txt" longdesc="longdesc.txt">
<p>An internal frame will replace this text if your Web browser supports it.</p>

Your Web browser renders it like this:

Related Mozilla bug reports: Frame-Longdesc.